Rond om Tegersche – #Hiking in #Switzerland under the Säntis #Mountain

We got finally a little bit of summer here in West-Switzerland (Ostschweiz). Perfect weather to go back hiking around the house. We took the car and drive nearby to Degersheim… and we got lost. Then we decided to park and take the first hiking route.. and we end up in a light but interesting walk around the hills: Rond om Tegersche.

  • Distance 9.6 km
  • Altitude gap: 390m
  • Time: 3 Hours (we completed in 2.5 with launch pause)

And then we finished our hike with some sweets… in Wolfensberg Restaurant

… why not?:)




#Eiger #Nordwand – The Beckoning Silence

Preview it on YouTube

Joe Simpson’s documentary of the 1936 Eiger mountain attempt based on his book of the same name. The book is very good too and well worth reading if you can find it.
Although i am not a climber myself i find these tales of those who do climb, fascinating and sometimes terrifying.

More than 60 people died attempting the North Face ascent by the years. Beside Heinrich Harrer success, the most famous one was the tragic story of the 1936 attempt of Toni Kurz on Wikipedia

It is worth to watch the movie “North Face” by Philip Stölzl


#Eiger #NorthFace Introduction

From Xtremesports4u

The most notorious mountain in the world – its iconic vertical mile of brittle limestone and ice, called the North Face, is the ultimate challenge for many a mountain climber. But even some of the greatest mountain climbers in the world are not prepared to take on the challenge. It’s not that it’s an impossibly difficult climb – at 1,800 m (13,000 ft) from base to the top of Face it’s not even that high. (The Eiger itself is 3970 m). It’s the commitment it entails. Once embarked on the ascent, that’s it … you need to keep going up.

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#Civic Aquarium of #Milano from #Expo 1906

From wikipedia

The Civic Aquarium of Milan (Acquario Civico di Milano in Italian) an aquarium in Milan, Italy. It is the only surviving building of those constructed for the world expo of 1906 in Milan, and is sited on the edge of Sempione Park. Over 100 different types of underwater life are located in the several tanks with a particular attention for the fishes and aquatic vegetation of the Italian seacoasts, lakes, and rivers.

The facade of the aquarium includes a Neptune statue, the Roman god of water and the sea, created by Oreste Labò.

The aquarium library, which is open to the public, has one of Italy’s most prestigious collection of marine biology publications

Note – The aquarium is in “Via Gadio 2″ and it is free entrance.









#Kandinsky – Concerning the #spiritual in #art

Just found out that some truth are universal and can be shared with everyone about everything. Even a thought just about work of art, it fits any other aspect of life like family and even business.
Here is one from Kandinsky: as usual, the artist can use his inner sense as a shortcut to achieve what scientist and philosophers take years to reach.


When the river runs smooth, were all heroes. Only when the big water starts to roar can we find out where we stand and what were made of


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